ENTRY #550

Pop-Up Sound Garden by Gabriella D’Angelo


Identify a public space

In dérive and guerilla fashion, Pop-Up Sound Garden exists as the wearer sees fit as she walks through the City; in shared public spaces deadened by rules and regulations; at street corners [“walk – don’t walk – walk”]; in subway stations undulating with the ebb and flow of riders; at footprints of powers towering the streetscapes; amongst park benches, green lawns, and frisbee throwers; in spaces and circumstances of the every day; in spaces and circumstances of extraordinary chance; in forums that desire an outlet for thought and exchange. Pop-Up Sounds Garden is an architectural performance that transitions from wearable garment to structure, providing an instantaneous platform to activate social and political engagement between the City and its citizens anytime, anyplace.

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Design Proposal

Pop-Up Sound Garden is a architectural performance project that envisions the power of the garden as a space, which amplifies our rights as citizens of the world to exchange words freely. Where the garden traditionally has offered individuals the opportunity to experiment with physical artistic gestures, this garden allows for one to experiment with audial gestures to create landscapes of changing dialogue.

A landscape of funneled din, Pop-Up Sound Garden provides a temporary platform for human expression to be defused and infused into and throughout its surroundings context in a moments notice. Inverting the idea of garden as a grounded, quiet and peaceful landscape of multi-color fusion, with a boisterous and loud energy housed amidst a symphony of white, the Garden grows from a wearable garment into an undulating structure of conical units. The intention of this Garden is to create a space and place, which encourages people of all ages to enjoy and interact with, both visually and physically, while creating a new tool for communication.

Come to the Garden to share your thoughts with others.

Come to the Garden to listen.

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Bringing a temporary garden to the City, this portable tool is constructed of spring form, fabric clad cones. This lightweight, transforming construction allows for the Garden to condense down into a garment that can be worn, transported, and initiated by the performer in any and all public spaces throughout the City. Given its dimension of 6’ (l) x 8’(w) x 10’ (h), this project can easily be placed in various settings throughout Manhattan.

Working with a metal fabricator out of Connecticut to build each of the 22 spring form cones, I will clad and assemble the Garden. Utilizing awarded funds from the competition and well as scholarship money awarded for creative works though my current employer, this project will be realized as well as documented (photography and video).

Once constructed, the Pop-Up Sounds Garden can be initiated at any time for any length of time, as it is a temporary, traveling installation performance. I plan to construct a twitter feed which also allows for people to follow and participate in the performance.


Gabriella D’Angelo: designer, part-fabricator, and performer/moderator of the Pop-Up Sound Garden.

Newcomb Spring of Connecticut: fabricator of the spring form cones.

Photographer and video artist to be determined.