ENTRY #403

Ornament On Demand by Ali Fouladi


Identify a public space

I started by studying the tectonic geology of Lower Manhattan, specifically the spaces or zones between buildings, some of these spaces are narrow cracks between two structures and some times they are as wide as an alley or as big as an empty lot; these spaces are socially dispossessed and politically un empowered meaning they are unactivated matrices of energy with untapped social potential.

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Design Proposal

I’m proposing the erection of a social infrastructure that can adopt the space for the promotion of public opinion this architecture will access potential energy found between buildings to transform the environment for the allowance of social nodes. Social nodes will dictate the typology of the architecture though open source technology and will be allowed to control the metamorphosis of the space. The structure will promote social intervention in the interest of public opinion, and it creates the possibility for virtual action to translate members of society to social actors.

The architecture will create opportunities for social and political intervention in the city that will be able to promote democratic change, social nodes will have the ability to manipulate the architecture though social network data so that it becomes specific to desired activities.

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Through the use of social network data the architecture will respond to specified trigger words that have different effects on the dormant intervention. Trigger words are embedded into the deployment of the architecture as their virtual use is mapped throughout the urban fabric. Limits will be set on the amount of data for each word and as it fluxes between extremes of use in virtual space, those extremes will activate the architecture in physical space, becoming direct responses to public opinion and need online. The rate of change the intervention will take to return to a state of dormancy will be set by the level of use that a trigger word receives through social media data, and as the set limit of each word is breached, the longer the intervention, and in turn society will take to return to a docile state.


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