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NY Public Library – “Speak to 5th Avenue. Speak to the World” by Pablo Navarro Zaragoza Architecture SLP


Identify a public space

New York Public Library
Stairs to 5th Avenue

It is one of the most important cultural centers of New York City.
It is very well located, in the corner between 5th Avenue and 42th Street,
It is highly indicated for outdoor public speeches.

It is a magnificent stage for a public speech!!!

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Design Proposal

New York Public Library
“Speak to 5th Avenue. Speak to the World”

To convert the stairs of the New York Public Library (looking at the 5th Avenue)
in a stage for public speech
is really very very cheap!

You only need:
1. A reading desk for the speaker on a red carpet.
2. Green artificial grass on the main stairs.
-for color image (identification) of the superb stairs-terraces to sit-down.
-for comfort of people sitting down and attending the lecture
3. New vertical banners in the façade, announcing the speeches.
4. A flag of USA in the center.

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Construction :
1- Install the green artificial grass on the stairs (fixed with mechanical fixations).
2- Install the red carpet, and reading desk on it.
3- Put the banners with the scheduled lectures hanging on the façade

4- Use it! Speak with energy, and transmit your big ideas for 21st century to the people living/visiting the city of New York.

Mixed use: by famous people (World of Culture and Art) + by all the citizens of New York City
– You can invite famous people to speak here about culture, including art and emotion.
(artists, architects, writers, cinema directors, actors…)
– And also all the people of NY city asking for it and with a lecture topic to talk about


Project by:

“Pablo Navarro Zaragoza Architecture SLP”
(Architecture Office)

Pablo Navarro Zaragoza

Official Web:


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