ENTRY #333

Manifesto of the Freedom of Speech by Vojtech Nemec / Linnéa Ronnquist


Identify a public space

At the age of internet the freedom of speech was in general boosted. The internet offers infinite opportunities for one to express himself, however at the same point withdraws the opinion clashes from the streets, public spaces. Our project aims to bring the diversity of opinions on the street, confronting everybody with different ideas and offering a space for reaction.

The space we want to use for it is both virtual and traditional at the same point, they are the urban screens of New York City. This Manifesto of free speech will replace for 24 hours the ubiquitous commerce, which dominate to the public spaces. People from anywhere in the NYC, US, or world would through simple application connect directly to the streets of NY and have a possibility to freely express their thoughts. No individuals will be segregated, so at the streets the people will have a chance to read opinions of the elite of the country as well as of the normal people as if they all were equal in front of the first amendment of the constitution.

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Design Proposal

Moving around in New York City one is constantly attacked by urban screens. They fill the viewers minds with words and pictures, which are deliberately picked for commercial purposes. One cannot hide from them, and one cannot turn them off. Therefore, we believe that there is no better place in the NYC where the manifest of freedom of speech can take place, as the first amendment must not be “switched off” and anyone should try to hide themselves in front of it.

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The implementation of our proposal does not require anything new to be built or invented. There are only two major steps that need to be solved in order to make The Manifesto of Freedom of Speech happen. The first is to convince the Urban screen owners to offer us the places for 24 hours, which should be distinguished as a charity work. Some of the screens-hire might be funded also from different sources such as Kick-starter, rich donors, and the government.

The second step is to develop the application, where people will upload their photo, name and comment, further they would choose a place location (NYC; USA; World) which will be distinguished by background colour. Optional would be the choice of a topic of the comment, which should enable to gather the expressions of similar motions in one place.

And then just start and people will join along.


Linnéa Rönnquist, is a 20-year-old first-year architecture student at Glasgow School of Art who co-founded the creative mission “Sation”, published the website “Färga med Lök”, which encourage natural dyes, and started “Design Away-Your Creative Application Abroad”. Furthermore, she is constantly seeking artistic and community developing opportunities around the world.

Vojtech Nemec: 21 year old first-year architecture student at Glasgow School of Art; public space activist in Prague; NGO co-founder and leader, who encourage people in Czech Republic to use their rights. The motion of the 1st amendment is very strong for him as a person coming from f!ormer-communist country.