For all questions regarding the Designing for Free Speech Challenge, please email us at info@designingforfreespeech[dot]org.


Richard Sennett
Co-Director, Theatrum Mundi

Stephen Duncombe
Project Director and Senior Fellow, Theatrum Mundi

Dominick Bagnato
New York Manager, Theatrum Mundi

Jacob Ford
Designer and Web Developer


Theatrum Mundi LogoTheatrum Mundi is a professional network of urbanists and artists in different cities. The collective consists of academics, architects, planners, performing and visual artists, with the aim to stimulate discussion about practices spanning stage and street. For more information, please visit

AIANYAIA New York is the oldest and largest chapter of the American Institute of Architects, with over 5,000 architects, allied professionals, students and public members. AIANY is dedicated to three goals: design excellence, public outreach and professional development, and towards these aims, AIANY runs the Center for Architecture, a storefront exhibition space in Greenwich Village, sponsors public programs, publishes a magazine, and works with its charitable affiliate, the Center for Architecture Foundation, to provide scholarship and educational opportunities. For more information on AIANY, please visit